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  Quality Policy  

The “Customer is King” is truer today than ever before. As the quality of life improves, the demand all over the world for better quality services and products also increases. Customers at all times demand that they be assured (and later satisfied) that the products or services they are paying for will meet their expectations and will perform as anticipated.


Sai India Ltd truly believes that quality is the only single element which influences the performance of an organization i.e. quality in meeting product requirements and related aspects such as service speed, consistency, delivery requirements, packaging requirements etc.

Sai India Ltd strives towards customer satisfaction by applying the following principles:

1) Customer focus

2) Delegative leadership

3) Involvement of people

4) Process approach towards activities

5) System approach to management

6) Continual improvement

7) Factual approach towards decision making

8) Mutually beneficial supplier relationship

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